USAID EPA project goals

USAID EPA has been working to simplify the permitting process for the construction of power plants in BiH and make it faster, more transparent, and friendlier for investors. In cooperation with the competent institutions and bodies, USAID EPA is working on formulating proposals for amendments to the legislative framework in BiH to:

  • improve the system for granting permits for the construction of electricity and gas infrastructure;
  • eliminate the shortcomings and overlapping of competencies in regulations;
  • create clear, coherent, and precise licensing procedures at all levels of government;
  • create uniform practices throughout the country;
  • improve the capacity of competent institutions;
  • increase the transparency of procedures; and
  • create a non-discriminatory and more favorable environment for investment in the energy sector.

In addition, USAID EPA is working to develop a “smart” electronic guide for investors. After answering questions about the planned facility and location, the guide will generate a customized list of all permits the investor needs to obtain. Investors will also receive information on the competent authorities they must see, the approximate time limits for issuing permits, as well as brief guidelines on obtaining individual permits. The guide will be available to all investors on a web portal, where investors will be able to find other useful information.

Also, USAID EPA is providing technical assistance to the competent authorities in BiH in finding the best model for integrating Regulation 347/2013 in the legal framework of BiH. Regulation 347/2013 is one of the most important regulations in the EU aimed at accelerating the process of building large energy infrastructure projects (Projects of Common Interest), the construction of which is important for several member countries of the Energy Community. Specifically, this Regulation stipulates the manner of identification of such projects, ensures their accelerated implementation, and defines the manner of cost allocation between countries and the conditions for the granting of EU financial assistance. To this end, USAID EPA is assisting the relevant institutions in developing a roadmap that will identify all necessary steps and timelines for the proper implementation of this Regulation.


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